IT Managed Services

We stop IT infrastructure from being a source of concern for the company and make it into an effective and transparent tool for your business.

IT Support and Management

We have a highly qualified professional team and process based on best practices. Our managed services offer specialists in maintaining IT critical environments running at peak performance. We ensure availability of your platforms and we help you to evolve them according to your operational needs.

Preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance

We provide maintenance and management agreements with users or in integral arragements, for hardware and infrastructure, and for applications and software at three levels
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Preventive maintenance

Improving availability of hardware, infrastructures and applications.
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Corrective maintenance

Correction of technical and functional incidents.
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Evolutionary maintenance

Management of new features and guarantees of update for systems to latest versions.

We adjust the scope and management of maintenance agreements according to the situation and preferences of our clients.

Oracle and CA Technologies Specialists

We focus on product quality, as an integral part of the development process based on agile methodologies. We work interactively and incrementally towards high-quality solutions.

Benefits of having IT Managed Services

Our offer of “IT Managed Services” aims to provide the following benefits as part of the software platform operation in its different environments:

  • Reducing recovery time from interruptions in your critical business services,
  • Maximizing availability and continuity of your critical applications against failure,
  • Setting a specialized technical point of contact between the client and support organizations proprietaries of your software platform
  • Strengthening the skills of your technical staff for conflict solution
  • Transfering knowledge and skills to the operational staff of your software platform

IT Management Planning Objectives

During the service implementation phase, product specialists work with your techincal staff to:
  • Locate, analyze and solve conflicts related to your software platform

  • Implement solutions and workarounds

  • Prepare documentation required to open Service Requests

  • Advise for an effective management of the relation with product support centers

  • Become the primary technical contact point with product support centers

  • Prepare solved conflicts reports

  • Transfer the knowledge of solved conflicts to support technical staff

  • Implement best practices and support patterns in the environment

  • Advise in the use of new product features

  • Implement solutions and workarounds

Software Tests

Would you like to feel at ease knowing that your users will have a good, error-free experience?