IT Consultants

Implementation and Consulting, Nowadays companies need IT services aligned to their needs in order to meet market demands successfully.

IT Outsourcing Consultants

With our broad variety of IT consulting services, we help companies like yours to lower their costs, improve their operations and increase their productivity, based on three essential tenets:

  • Specialized workteams
  • Tools and methods in tailored to your targets
  • Deep and ample knowledge of the market

GlobalR team aligned with your company

We focus on product quality, as an integral part of the development process based on agile methodologies. We work interactively and incrementally towards high quality solutions.

Excellent Professionals

GlobalR offers its clients services, excellent professional teams, mostly engineers, certified on the main analysys and design methodologies, platforms and architectures in order to conduct a detailed study of the needs of your company, which are mainly classified in 3 types:

  • Functional improvement: The clilent already has a technological base, but wants to further automate their services.
  • Code improvement: Provides information stabilization, with evolutionary maintenance over time.
  • Technological development: Aims to update current technologies in the company or identify the best technological option according to market demands.

Once the optimal solution is identified, our consultant team works on solution implementation, delivering thus an integrated service, ensuring performance.

We provide consulting services for multiple areas

We meet our clients demands and we prepare the strategy to provide fast and, most importantly, accurate solutions. We hire and select the best professionals according to the needs of our clients and we assign them to technological projects using agile and modern methodologies.
  • Assessment of Technological options

  • Adoption of project management methodologies and software engineering.

  • System virtualization and cloud computing

  • Systems migration and update

  • IT systems planning, implementation and integration

  • Improvement of business processes

  • Projects and/or Requirements Development

  • Process Documentation

  • IT services management

Software tests

Would you like to feel at ease knowing that your users will have a good, error-free experience?