QA & SW Testing

Global Resources services associated with Quality Assurance allow us to support our Clients in the different activities that will guarantee quality of software products, with consulting, training and testing services based on framework, metrics, services protocols, structures and expert human talent and experience to propose innovative answers for your organizational needs.

Our Partners

We work with the largest Software Testing companies in the World.

Quality Assurance and Software Tests that enable digital transformation

prueba de software

Software Tests

Functional and non-functional Tests running to improve Applications quality and performance

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Microservices Tests

Comprehensive and innovative solutions to test and assure quality for applications with architectures based on microservices.

Automation Tests

Reduced running time for repetitive and/or regression tests through our tools and other renowned tools in the industry, ensuring effort coverage and investment.
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Mobile Tests

Tailored solutions for applications, combining operational systems, browsers, emulators, simulators and a wide range of devices.
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Agile Tests

These tests ensure product quality, integrating our methodology into development cycles, optimizing the use of tools use and increasing agile team capacity.

Tests Types

Static Tests

  • Review of requirements
  • Design and architecture review
  • Code inspection

Dynamic Tests

  • Functional tests
  • Unit tests (System level)
  • Usability tests
  • Integration tests
  • Test Automation

Non-Functional Tests

  • Concurrency Tests
  • Compatibility Tests
  • Performance Analysis – Application Profiling

Pruebas de Seguridad (OWASP)

  • Hacking ético
  • Pentesting

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Features of Our Services

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    In-House, Nearshore, Outsourcing

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  • Scopes

    Complete processes, test Design, test Run, Automation

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Software Test

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