Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RPA services assist companies in their Digital Transformation process. RPA solutions have a profound impact on our clients’ satisfaction, as well as their efficiency and quality.

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Learn about all the advantages of RPA
Software that simulates human behavior.
Allows for significant savings in running manual, repetitive processes, over much longer working hours than are acceptable for people.
Automated solution, operational 24/7.
Activities can be scaled to meet volatile demand.
It does not change existing IT systems or infrastructure.
Allows for complete audit trails and process compliance, which reduces risk, and provides for a ROI usually within 12 months.

Why use Robotic Process Automation


Efficiency / Cost reduction

Significant cost and time savings.
Increased productivity of manual and repetitive tasks.

Flexibility / Multi-tasking

  • Scaling of simultaneous activities, greater flexibility and capacity to meet high/low demand
  • Fast and low-cost integration of existing systems, , which allows for integrated work with existing architecture

Client Satisfaction

  • Increased client satisfaction due to faster response times and lower error rates
  • Operation 24×7, delivering a reliable service based on requirements

Consistency and accuracy

  • Consistent and systematic performance, performing processes and tasks with minimal variation in results

Mitigación de riesgos

  • Consistent and systematic performance, performing processes and tasks with minimal variation in results.

Auditoría y seguridad

  • Facilita la auditoría interna, la seguridad y los procesos de cumplimiento, como la generación de informes operativos
  • Mantención y seguimiento total de los registros, control de eventuales errores

Modelo de desarrollo - Robotic Automation Sprint Factory

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Process Validation

(including estimated benefits)

Detailed system interaction

RPA Solution

Support Documentation

(including exception management)

Software Rollout

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RPA Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is used to start your RPA efforts at a small scale, to justify a larger effort based on the results obtained during this project. Our experts will design your architecture, install your RPA platform and then work to document and redesign the processes identified during discovery for automation development. These processes will be built on your RPA platform and will be tested to ensure quality and performance before going into production. The ROI of the automated processes will be calculated and used when receiving acceptance for automation of additional identified processes.

  • RPA Architecture Design
  • Installation of RPA platform
  • Process documentation, optimization / re-engineering
  • Implementation of PoC (design, development, testing and implementation)

RPA Pilot Program

After a successful PoC, the organization needs to prepare for a broader rollout to automate the next wave of processes that can provide quick gains to keep the momentum achieved during the PoC phase.

RPA Implementation and Development

To implement your RPA platform, our experts will configure the right technical architecture for your environment. We will install, configure and adapt the software to suit your business needs, provide business process modeling frameworks, perform quality checks/testing and implement access and security standards to ensure a successful launch process.

  • Implementation and configuration of RPA platform
  • Development of business process automation.
  • Workflow orchestration and management
  • Project Documentation
  • Security and access management.
  • Automated workflow and bot performance testing
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Robotic Process Automation – RPA

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